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27.08.2010 - Marko Novak

27.08.2010 - Photos task 5


We managed to make another task. This time it was the last, as for tommorow forecast is so bad, we decided to cancel the task before. Again today was a "gliding task". Excpet around the take off there were no lift, and as such pilots had to glide as far as they could. Longest was Dušan Orož, rest of the group was not far behind. Over all results mostly stayed the same, at least at the top, so the winner is Primož Suša.

26.08.2010 - Marko Novak

26.08.2010 - Photos task 4

26.08.2010 - Novak Marko



very good forecast brings more tourist pilots to the take off, then previous days, still weather wasnt as good as expected. Low cloud base, with strong inversion, spoils appetite for a long task, still we made more then 79 km, which is no problems for the best. Most of the pilots landed after the first turn point  not able to find desent lift. Fastest was Novak Marko, just few sec. behind was Primož Suša, followed by Valič Aljaž.

25.08.2010 - 8:10

Task for today, is due to a bad weather CANCELED.



Not the beast weather forecast, especialy for afternoon, doesn`t give us much hope, still we tried to make a 46km long task, but soon after the take off, it became obvious that, task will be more of a best gliding competition. Best gliding had Urban Valič, but most of the pilots werent far behind. Tommorow also doesnt look that good, so we have to wait and see how it goes.

23.08.2010 - Vidic Jurij task 2 winner

23.08.2010 - Photos Task 2

23.08.2010 - Task 2 winner Vidic Jurij


23.08.2010 - Task 2 - 16:30

Due to strong forecasted W winds, we decided to make a more local 64 km long task. After the take off some cik cak in the valley, then to Krasji vrh, Kuk, and towards goal in Tolmin. In very interesting final glide Vidic Jurij overtook Valič Aljaža. A few min. behind was Primož Suša. Today in goal is a lot of pilots, who are still comming in.

22.08.2010 - Photos from Task 1

22.08.2010 - Primož Suša

22.08.2010 - winner Primož Suša



Today a late start, due to a still present hangglidign nats. Still we took off at 14:45, for 57 km long task. Most off the pilots had a lot of problems after the first turn point in Robič, mainly due to a strong E wing. After Indrsko it became even harder so that in Most na Soči there were even less pilots and only three of them managed to arrive in goal in Kobarid. Winner is Suša Primož, ahead of Valič Aljaž and Vidic Jurij.


Office is open, and we are working. Office is located in camp, just before you enter Tolmin.


Slovenian Open 2010
FAIo-new LZS-1

FAI 2.class competition

Organizer: KJP Krokar Železniki
Date: 22nd till 29th of August 2010
- saturday 21st august - registrtion from 14:00
- sunday 22nd august - registrtion from 6:00, 1st day of competition
- 22nd till 28th august - competition days
- 29th august - spare day
- sunday 28th of august - final ceremony (except in case of spare day, final ceremony shell be on 29th)
Take off will be on Kobala, main landing will be in Tolmin.
Registration fee:
- 120 ? if payed till 31.07.2010
- 140 ? if payed after 01.08.2010 till the day of competition, incuding 21.08.2010
- 160 ? if payed on the fisrt day of competition (22.08.2010) or any other day during the competition
Entry fee can be transfered to our account:
Igor Eržen
Hafnerjevo naselje 36
4220 Škofja Loka
IBAN : SI56020243550680788,
bank name NLB d.d., on the payment form state your name, if payed for more then one pilot state pilots registered numbers or CIVL numbers. if unshure, send us scanned payment with names to our email, and we will take care of it. Entry fee can be payed during the competition, but will be more expencive.
Prize money for first three in the open class. Practical prizez will be aworded in all other categories.
Competitors must have proper equipment, paragliding licence and valid FAI sporting licence.
Certified helmet (EN 966) is mendatory.

Local regulation (pdf).
Conntact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ali na tel.: +386 40 505 915 - Igor Eržen
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Camp Rovn. In the camp there is a pub, soccer field, basketball field, tenis court, valleyball court ...
During the competition for competition pilots and there escort prize will be lower.
During the competition days you can sleep in the three star hotel Creina in in Kranj. From there we can organise free transport to and from the competition grounds.
During the competition for competition pilots and there escort prize will be lower.



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