04.07.2010 (16:30) - Podium

Top 3 Open

1. Vidic Jurij 2. Orož Dušan 3. Peljhan Klemen

Top 3 serial

1. Lotrič Roman 2. Jan Primož 3. Žumer Aleš

Top 3 women

1. Gruzlewska-losik Katarzyna 2. Centa Martina 3. Plemenitaš Brigita

04.07.2010 (13:20)

Due to Cb over Železniki and sorounding hills task has been canceled.Results are now same as they were after three tasks, and winner is Jurij Vidic (Ozone, KL Vrhnika).

04.07.2010 (12:20)

Take off at 13:00 from Ratitovec, then to Lajše, Ratitovec, Kovaški vrh, Lajše, Droboslovca, Dražgoše, Kovaški vrh and landing in Studeno. Lenght 43km.

04.07.2010 (11:00)

Today also take off from Ratitovcu. Due to NW wind it will be interesting to see how task committee will set todays task. They will also have to consider 80% humidity and very big chance of Cb over Železniki. We will see.

04.07.2010 (8:30)

A few photos Belčič Mateja

03.07.2010 (20:00) - Sponsor of the Day


03.07.2010 (15:40)

03.07.2010 (15:20)

Cery fast task today, at least for the first two in goal, Vidic Jurij and Dušan Orož, who came to goal within a few soconds. Rest of the pilots arrived more then 20 min behind.

Dušan Orož

03.07.2010 (12:20)

Todays task has benn set to 53 km, with take off at 12:30 on Ratitovec, then to Dražgoška gora, Poljane, Blegoš, Lenart, accross Prtovč to goal in Studeno.

Task 3

03.07.2010 (10:20)

As days before, today also looks good, with a bit more humidity then days before, even clouds started to form more sooner, so we plan to make a task more local.

02.07.2010 (19:00) - Vidic Jurij

02.07.2010 (18:40)

Todays task was very fast, with leading group of about 10 pilots that came to finish line with in a few minutes, amoung them was the fastet Vidic Jurij (Ozone, KL Vrhnika), we have to wait to see other results.

Vidic Jurij

02.07.2010 (12:45)

Todays task is known. Take off from Ratitovec (12:45) and from there to Sorici (Lajnar), Jamnik, Štedl, Lenart, Jedrt and landing in Studeno. Due to overdevelopment in high mountains task committee has decided not to push task to much and make it safe with landing in Studeno. Lenght of the task is 53 km.

Task 2

02.07.2010 (10:00)

Weather forecast for today looks promising, even better then yesterday. Pilots are already on the way to take off Ratitovec. Take off is planed around 13h, with landing near Bohinj Lake.

02.07.2010 (8:00) - Task 1 photos

And a few photos from task 1, taken by Jani Krečič.

01.07.2010 (18:00) - Primož Podobnik

01.07.2010 (17:00)

Winner of the first task is Primož Podobnik (polet Nova Gorica, Gin), ahead of Peljhan Klemen (KJP Krokar, Gin) and Prevc Gašper (KJP Krokar, Mac Para).  

Primož Podobnik - task 1 winner

01.07.2010 (12:15) - Task 1

Task has been set for today. It is 72 km long task with start at 13:15 from Ratitovec. From there to Sveti križ, Prtovč, Jamnik, Žirovski vrh, Dražgoše, Miklavški vrh, and goal in Studeno.

01.07.2010 (10:30)

At the moment we have 46 registered pilots. Weather forecast looks promising for next few days, so we expect some nice task to be flown. Pilots are at the moment on their way to the take off, and estimated to start around 12:30 till 13 h.


10th Ratitovec Open 2010
FAIo-new LZS-1

FAI 2.class competition

Organizer: KJP Krokar Železniki
Date: 1st till 4th of july 2010
- wednesday 30. june - registrtion from 14:00
- thursday 1. july - registrtion from 6:00, 1st day of competition
- 1. - 4. july - competition days
- sunday 4th of july - final ceremony
Take off will be on Ratitovcu (if neccessery on other places around Železniki: Vrše, Krvavec), main landing is near the main road Škofja Loka - Železniki in town Studeno ( about 2km before Železniki)
Registration fee:
- 60 ? if payed till 15.05.2010
- 80 ? if payed after 15.05.2010 till the day of competition, incuding 30.06.2010
- 85 ? if payed on the fisrt day of competition (01.07.2010) or any other day during the competition
Entry fee can be transfered to our account:
KJP Krokar
Selca 124
4227 Selca
IBAN : SI56070000000183129 ,
bank name GB d.d., on the payment form state your name, if payed for more then one pilot state pilots registered numbers or CIVL numbers. if unshure, send us scanned payment with names to our email, and we will take care of it. Entry fee can be payed during the competition, but will be more expencive.
Prize money for first three in the open class. Practical prizez will be aworded in all other categories.
Competitors must have proper equipment, paragliding licence and valid FAI sporting licence.
Certified helmet (EN 966) is mendatory.

Local regulation (pdf).
Conntact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ali na tel.: +386 40 505 915 - Igor Eržen
Rat_1 Rat_2 Rat_3 Rat_4 Rat_5


Camp Rovn, close to the official landing, cca 300m. In the camp there is a pub, csoccer field, basketball field, tenis court, valleyball court ...
During the competition for competition pilots and there escort prize will be lower.
During the competition days you can sleep in the three star hotel Creina in in Kranj. From there we can organise free transport to and from the competition grounds.
During the competition for competition pilots and there escort prize will be lower.



Vremenske postaje

Ratitovec 031/712-306
Jamnik 031/861-082