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Richard Abruzzo, 47, and Carol Rymer Davis, 65Tragična nesreča na balonarkem tekmovanju. Tragično sta se ponesrečila Richard Abruzzo (47) in Carol Rymer Davis (65) po približno 1.660 preletenih kilometrih, potem ko sta izginila v slabem vremenu nad Jadranskim  morjem.


Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer Davis, a participants in the 54th Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race, went missing. Officials said Wednesday that now coast guards are on the search for the pair of balloonists who was last detected piloting the balloon aircraft over the Adriatic Sea in what was reported as rough weather.
Abruzzo and Davis were out to see if they can fly the farthest from a set point on a maximum of about 1,000 cubic meters, or 35,300 cubic feet, of gas, according to The Guardian.
A search, which includes helicopters, three boats, and military aircraft, is now underway for the balloon, one of twenty that set off Saturday from the English coastal city of Bristol. Spokesman Lt. Massimo Maccheroni said the last signal received from the balloon's GPS was at 8 a.m. local time Wednesday. The signal showed the craft was 13 miles off the Gargano coast in the Adriatic Sea.
Richard Abruzzo's sister-in-law, Sandra Abruzzo said she had been told the balloonists had suffered "an issue with the electrical" components in the balloon. The loss, it is speculated, could be related to that.
Abruzzo is the son of famed balloonist Ben Abruzzo, who was part of the first team to cross the Pacific Ocean by balloon, in 1981.
Abruzzo and Davis have competed together in the past, winning the 2006 America's Challenge gas balloon race by traveling 1,478 miles from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.


O tem so pisali tudi na uradni strani FAI.

The bodies of the two missing American balloonists have been found today in the Adriatic Sea, off the Italian coast 10 miles north of Vieste, Italian officials say.
Richard Abruzzo, 47, and Carol Rymer Davis, 65, were competing in 54th Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett long-distance balloon competition out of Bristol (UK) when, after having flown approximately 1,660 km, they disappeared very early on 29 September 2010 over the Adriatic Sea in bad weather. The balloon's last tracking reports had shown it heading towards the sea at high speed.
The balloon's basket with their bodies still inside was located and hauled from the water by the crew of an Italian fishing boat, an official said.

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